What to watch out for!


Most manufacturers use low density foams in their mattresses. Ensure that the density of the foams is greater than 25 for best comfort and a long lasting mattress. Many cheaper foams will initially hold their shape but within a short time will deteriorate.

Peoples bodies LOVE high density foams.

Ensure the manufacturer uses foam, not fibre only, to cover the springs. Otherwise you are in for an uncomfortable night. Use the tips of your fingers to push down and measure the depth of foams. If you can feel the spring, walk away.

Have you bought a new couch and now your sitting on the wood- the reason - poor quality foams, but they look great in the shop!


Some manufacturers are using cheaper springs, so now the springs are lasting only 3 years instead of 10-25 years. Springs made form inferior quality steel  will not last as long as quality steel. We use only quality product.

Pillow Tops

Pillow tops do not achieve anything. Many result in ridges down the middle of the mattress, due to not being sewn down to the side panel or too much fibre in the topper which looks great in the shop, but not so good once you are in bed. Basically, they fit the "gimmick" label.

One sided Mattresses

One sided mattresses seem like a good idea , but  when it gets hot in summer, it can get very uncomfortable, make sure there are foams on both sides, for summer and winter. Check  both sides of a mattress. Often this described as technology. There is little if any technology involved.

Sales Marketing

Watch for Sales gimmicks, " we will give you $1000 off". Dont be fooled,on Monday they probably put them up by $1000, and dropped them on Friday. But have you ever seen  advertisements for  the price hikes!!

Queen King or Super King for a single price. Yes, if you pay thousands for a single.

 Be wary of mattresses that look absolutely fabulous, often  this can be hiding cheaper quality products inside the mattress. Very expensive  mattresses don't neccesarily mean  good value, sometimes just good profit! It used to be that you got what you paid for, and the quality was in the product, now its mutton dressed as lamb.

In times past if you paid good money for a bed, more often than not, you got good quality, and long life out of a bed. These days, the opposite can be true. Do not expect that just because you are paying a large sum of money you are getting a good quality product. The salesperson knows when you say "I don't mind paying for a good bed" Remember price is no longer an indicator of quality.

Pocket Springs

These minimise disturbance, they will not stop roll together as often quoted. Roll together comes with time. Most springs will eventually produce roll together as the spring gets past its use by date. Your concern is how long will that be. If you find a good comfortable bed you want it to last. Poorer quality springs will manifest the symptoms of roll together much soon than a quality product.


Everyone needs support in their mattress, if you dont get support then you will either get a sore back or you will be lying on the springs which can also give you a sore lower back and shoulders and hips. We always have a support foam, many manufacturers use thinner softer foams for their mattresses with no support at all. Watch out for this.


Many mattresses are now being sold on the market which are mutton dressed up as lamb. Expensive exteriors with inferior interiors. Don't be fooled by fancy fabrics or alternative products offering superior qualities that's why they make only small differences to the comfort levels of your mattress. Like a car its the engine thats important.

Use by date

Some retailers say you should change your bed every 7 years. This is an excellent sales techinque for selling new beds, but from your perspective, the best time to change your bed is when you need to, in other words when it is no longer comfortable for you, or if your not satisfied with the cleanliness of your mattress. Mattresses are lasting less and less because of poor products being used. We will continue to use top quality products. Be careful to find out what is inside the bed, don't be fooled by the exterior.


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