Repairs - old or new

We can repair your older mattresses to as good as new. We also recover and refoam new mattresses. (some limitations apply)

Many people have brand new mattresses and do not get a good nights sleep on them. We can make them comfortable for you. Don't put it off,  get a price from us to make it possible to sleep well. We endeavour to find a comfort that suits  you.

We can give you a quoted price with a maximum upper limit so you know it won't cost you any more than that. So don't wait any longer, give yourself the sleep you need and deserve. We can add foam of your choice and stop those sore shoulders, sore hips, tingling fingers and that dead arm you wake up with.  It's not because you are getting older its your mattress.

Its all about comfort, and it's possible to resolve. We all have a comfort level we need to achieve to sleep well.

Need a revamp, talk to us. 0508 233 2276

We can also repair your old mattresses and bases. Though some may be beyond repair, we will work with you to decide on your best course of action or to find a suitable alternative for you, and give you an estimate to do the work. If you want email us pics of your problem mattress or base, to: 

So if your fabric is stained, ripped, or worn we can recover it for you. If the foams are worn out we can replace them.

 If you want plastic covers for storing your bed, we can supply them for you.

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